Get the loan you need, the way you want it


Transparency. It’s a bit of a lost sentiment in business these days, don’t you think?

Not to us. You’ll know everything you need to know up front. We believe every business—and business owner—deserves fair, honest treatment. That’s why we max our annual interest rates at 19%, where some lenders charge up to 30%, or even more. It’s like they’d dig in your pockets for spare change if you’d let them.

We know the challenges your business faces, so we’ve set up our loans to work for you.


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Which type of loan do you need?

We offer two types of loans: A line of credit and a term loan.


How The Credit Junction compares

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Here are a few more things we believe in




You'll be assigned a personal team member. They'll be your guide, answer your questions, and help you re-up, if you need to. 


You'll always know where you stand. Just ask your team member or view your account online. 


Our technology allows us to get you capital faster, and with less hassle. Fewer forms, fewer hoops.