Arizona is Supporting Small Business

This month we had the honor of interviewing Congressman David Schweikert, a member of the United States House of Representatives from Arizona, serving since 2011. He holds a seat on the Ways and Means Committee and has previously served on the Financial Services Committee.  


1. Your background in finance seems well suited for your position on Ways and Means Committee. What role does tax policy play in helping small businesses?  

Our GOP Better Way Agenda is imperative to making it so that entrepreneurs can focus on the growth of their business and not distortions in the tax code. 

2. As someone who engages with small business owners frequently, how would you describe the small business landscape in the US today?

Small businesses are the nation’s key economic driver, yet today we are losing more small businesses than we are creating.

Congressman David Schweikert

Congressman David Schweikert

3. What is the biggest challenge facing small business owners in Arizona? Is that problem reflected throughout the United States?   

The biggest challenge in Arizona is not a single issue; it is a blend of the current tax code, regulatory compliance, talent, and access to capital.

4. What role does Congress play in supporting small business?

I am blessed to hold a seat on the House Ways and Means Committee. My mission is to simplify our overly complex tax system while making rates more fair for everyone.

 5. What are some examples of advantages for starting a company in Arizona?

Arizona has an entrepreneurial tradition. It continues to be a dynamic marketplace with a rational state tax and regulatory system.

 6. We recently recognized National Small Business Week, do you have words of wisdom to someone who is thinking of launching a business?

Write your plan; be realistic on your finances; and seek input.