Survival of the Cyber Fittest

Whether you are a living organism or a business, adaptation is the key for survival. For companies to succeed in today’s world they must adapt to new technologies. In other words, those who do not adapt, fail.

A company’s mission should be customer service. It shouldn’t matter how long that a customer has had a relationship with a company, if the business fails to adapt to customer’s needs then customers will move on.

When ATMs first appeared four decades ago, some financial institutions believed these machines would enhance the customer experience since many did not feel the need to walk into a branch office to conduct basic banking requirements. However, many institutions felt customers would not become comfortable with these machines and ignored trends of electronic banking. The failure of those to adapt to technology meant losing customers. Meanwhile, institutions that innovated and invested in technology lead the way on online banking and mobile banking.

At The Credit Junction, we have taken the time to invest our online marketplace lending platform to enhance the experience for small and mid size businesses seeking flexible working capital solutions. Our technology is focused on the credit model and better assessing the health of your business. We look at your business holistically, not just by looking at one data point. As financial services continue to evolve, we hope to lead the way for businesses that need efficient and transparent ways to grow their businesses. Your business needs to keep with today’s changing landscape. Don’t get left behind. We at The Credit Junction are ready to show you how technology can make your business thrive.