TCJ Case Study

Electric Bicycle Distributor 

TCJ Case Study Electric Bicycle Distributor
TCJ Case Study Electric Bicycles


HQ Location: Mountain West, United States
In Business For: 2 years
Management: Experienced in industry but new to U.S market
Customer Base: U.S-based bicycle dealership and direct to consumer via e-commerce




Electric Bikes Challenges

Cash Flow: Manufacturer required payment months before company received inventory, which put strain on company cash flows. 

Meeting Demand: Company was growing but they were unable to continue to self-finance due to their limited ability to build inventory. 

Competitive Space: Brand had proven track record abroad but recently broke into highly concentrated U.S market. Company was positioned to become a market leader. 

Not Bankable: Company had limited operating history domestically and was unable to secure financing from a traditional lender. 




The Credit Junction worked closely with the company and its management to understand the product and its cash-to-cash cycle, and was able to craft a financing solution that met both their short and long term needs by advancing on inventory and A/R. 

Electric Bikes Solutions

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