Medical Device Manufacturer Case Study



HQ Location: South Central, US

In Business For: 3 years

Annual Revenues: <$5M

Management: Proven management team with experience in medical device field.

Customer Base: Domestic and international hospitals, clinics and surgery centers.

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Machinery Purchase: Company needed growth financing to support the purchase of a new micro-milling station.  

High Growth: Company projected unprecedented short term growth after market adoption of products. Company needed a financing solution that could keep up with its pace of growth.

Production Cycle: Company had a long, complex production process with high R&D costs, demand for technical expertise and the management of multiple vendors and many component parts.

Non-Dilutive Financing: Company required additional financing without sacrificing equity. 

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The Credit Junction worked closely with the company and its management to craft a financing solution that met both their short and long term needs. 

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