TCJ Case Study

International Aviation Parts Distributor



Distributor of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft parts

HQ Location: South Atlantic, United States
In Business For: 10+ years
Annual Revenues: $15M+
Management: Multi-Generational Family Business
Customer Base: Public and private clients in military, civil, agricultural and law-enforcement sectors




Working Capital: The company wanted to grow its business with additional equipment and inventory, but could not access financing.

Growing Demand: The company had growing demand for its product, but had a timing gap between paying for product and being paid for goods sold.

Not Bankable: Company was in high growth mode, but could not access bank financing until they stabilized their growth.

Customer Concentration: Company had few, but well-known large customers. Banks wanted to spread risk. 

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The Credit Junction worked closely with company management to craft a financing solution that met both their short and long term needs. 

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